Having had an internship one summer with the New York City Parks Department, she was determined to return to the city.  After graduation, Emily moved in New York City to pursue a career in the world of flowers.  She first began her experience with an apprenticeship with Renny & Reed, then further expanded her experience with the management of accounts such as the Peninsula New York and the Sofitel New York.  After leaving Renny & Reed, Emily worked for various other New York event companies gathering experience from the best of the New York scene before striking out on her own.

Emily grew up in Mountain Brook, Alabama with a fascination for the beautiful, lush landscapes of the southeast.  Her desire to be in a creative field and love of the outdoors led her to major in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia.  Throughout her time as a student, Emily had the opportunity to travel abroad, explore ancient gardens, and work on a farm in Pierrefort, France.